Selected Publications

Oslo Node

  • Bach T, Bergholtz S, Riise J, Qvigstad E, Skomedal T, Osnes JB, Levy FO. Identification of small molecule NPR-B antagonists by high throughput screening--potential use in heart failure. Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol. 2014: 387(1):5-14.
  • Ellinger B, Silber J, Prashar A, Landskron J, Weber J, Rehermann S, Müller FJ, Smith S, Wrigley S, Taskén K, Gribbon P, Labes A, Imhoff JF: A phenotypic screening approach to identify anticancer compounds derived from marine fungi. Assay Drug Dev Technol, 2014: 12(3):162-75.
  • Spurgeon BE, Aburima A, Oberprieler NG, Taskén K, Naseem KM: Multiplexed phosphospecific flow cytometry enables large-scale signaling profiling and drug screening in blood platelets. J Thromb Haemost, 2014: 12(10):1733-43.
  • -Vang T, Liu WH, Delacroix L, Wu S, Vasile S, Dahl R, Yang L, Musumeci L, Francis D, Landskron J, Taskén K, Tremblay ML, Lie BA, Page R, Mustelin T, Rahmouni S, Rickert RC and Tautz L: LYP inhibits T-cell activation when dissociated from CSK. Nat Chem Biol, 2012:8(5):437-46.
  • Kalland ME, Oberprieler NG, Vang T, Taskén K, Torgersen KM: T cell-signaling network analysis reveals distinct differences between CD28 and CD2 costimulation responses in various subsets and in the MAPK pathway between resting and activated regulatory T cells. J Immunol. 2011: 187(10):5233-4
  • Oberprieler, N.*, Lemeer, S.*, Kalland, M.E., Torgersen, K., Heck, A.J.R., Taskén, K: High-resolution mapping of prostaglandin E2-dependent signaling networks identifies a constitutively active PKA signaling node in CD8+CD45RO+ T cells. Blood, 2010 116:2253-65. (*First authors)
  • Stokka AJ, Mosenden R, Ruppelt A, Lygren B and Taskén K: The adaptor protein EBP50 is important for localization of the protein kinase A-Ezrin complex in T-cells and the immunomodulating effect of cAMP. Biochem J, 2009:425(2):381-8.
  • Stokka AJ1, Gesellchen F, Carlson CR, Scott JD, Herberg FW, Taskén K: Characterization of A-kinase-anchoring disruptors using a solution-based assay. Biochem J, 2006: 400(3):493-9

Bergen Node

  • Magnus Hole, Jarl Underhaug, Hector Diez, Ming Ying, Åsmund Kjendseth Røhr, Ana Jorge-Finnigan, Noèlia Fernàndez-Castillo, Angels García-Cazorlab, K. Kristoffer Andersson, Knut Teigen, Aurora Martinez. Discovery of compounds that protect tyrosine hydroxylase activity through different mechanisms. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, doi:10.1016/j.bbapap.2015.04.030.
  • Ianire Martin, Jarl Underhaug, Garbiñe Celaya, Fernando Moro, Knut Teigen, Aurora Martinez, and Arturo Muga. Screening and evaluation of small organic molecules as ClpB inhibitors and potential antimicrobials. J Med Chem, 56:7177--7189, 2013
  • Ana Jorge-Finnigan, Sandra Brasil, Jarl Underhaug, Pedro Ruíz-Sala, Begoña Merinero, Ruma Banerjee, Lourdes R. Desviat, Magdalena Ugarte, Aurora Martinez, and Belén Pérez. Pharmacological chaperones as a potential therapeutic option in methylmalonic aciduria cblB type. Hum Mol Genet, 22:3680–3689, 2013
  • Angel L. Pey, Ming Ying, Nunilo Cremades, Adrian Velazquez-Campoy, Tanja Scherer, Beat Thöny, Javier Sancho, and Aurora Martinez. Identification of pharmacological chaperones as potential therapeutic agents to treat phenylketonuria. J Clin Invest, 118:2858–2867, 2008

Tromsø Node

  •  Hansen E, Andersen JH. Screening for Marine Natural Products with Potential as Chemotherapeutics for Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Curr Pharm Biotechnol. 2016;17(1):71-7.
  • Light and temperature effects on bioactivity in diatoms, Journal of Applied Phycology, June 2015, Ingebrigtsen R, Hansen E, Andersen JH, Eilertsen HC
  • The Bromotyrosine Derivative Ianthelline Isolated from the Arctic Marine Sponge Stryphnus fortis Inhibits Marine Micro- and Macrobiofouling. Marine Biotechnology, 2014, july 23, Hanssen K.O., Cervin G, Trepos R, Petitbois J, Haug T, Hansen E, Andersen J.H, Pavia H, Hellio C, Svenson J.
  • Isolation and synthesis of pulmonarins A and B, acetylcholinesterase inhibitors from the colonial ascidian Synoicum pulmonaria. J Nat Prod. 2014 Feb 28;77(2):364-9. Tadesse M, Svenson J, Sepčić K, Trembleau L, Engqvist M, Andersen JH, Jaspars M, Stensvåg K, Haug T.
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of barettin. Mar. Drugs 2013, 11, 2655-2666. Lind, K.F., Hansen, E., Østerud, B., Eilertsen, K.E., Bayer, A., Engqvist, M., Leszczak, K., Jørgensen, T.Ø., Andersen, J.H.
  • Cellular Antioxidant Effect of Four Bromophenols from the Red Algae Vertebrata lanosa, Mar. Drugs 2013, 11, 2769-2784, Olsen, E.K., Hansen, E., Isaksson, J., Andersen,




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