Nordic Chemical Biology Meeting 5-6 May, 2015, Sweden

NOR-openscreen will be well represented at the Nordic Chemical Biology meeting to be held in Sweden, strengthening links in this important area of science within Scandanavia.  Members of the consortium that have been invited to speak at the meeting include Kjetil Taskèn (Centre Director, Biotechnology Centre and Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway, Nordic EMBL Partnership University of Oslo and Professor of Medicine), Camila Esguerra (The Biotechnology Centre of Oslo) and Jeanette Hammer Andersen (The Norwegian College of Fishery Science).


The Nordic Chemical Biology Meeting will focus in the field of small molecule research and personalised medicine. High-level chemical biology and small molecule research has traditionally driven both academic research and commercial innovation partly supporting the pharmaceutical industry. Chemical biology brings forward small molecules that in academic research are important tools to probe and test hypotheses in physiology and some of which may have potential application in medicine.

The recent downsizing of small molecule research within the pharmaceutical industry has been met in the last decade with an increased academic establishment of dedicated supporting infrastructures in both the US and Europe. With the more open-minded and adventurous nature of academic research, such initiatives have the potential to fill some of the gaps in terms of small molecule innovations in industry. However, the Nordic countries are small and the international competition poses a significant challenge for the chemical biology research community as well as the small molecule based infrastructures. Small national networks and units may not be able to offer all cutting-edge technology services needed, and the expertise of the staff is not always utilized to its full potential. Nordic countries struggle to make their voices heard in European and global decision-makings. It is therefore of great interest for all Nordic countries to work together in order to utilize existing resources in the best possible ways. We need to share knowledge and best practices and tighten and expand collaborations between the leading experts in the field.

The event is open to all scientists involved in the field, to further expand the Chemical Biology community within the Nordic countries and to leverage the chemical biology technologies more broadly, allowing more academic researchers to incorporate the search for and work with small molecules into their research in physiology, endocrinology and metabolism, cardiology and other parts of medicine. Therefore, the event will focus in the field of small molecule research and personalized medicine, emphasizing methods, work processes and laboratory practices.

These symposia will promote the development of small molecule research and core unit functions and strengthen the ties between chemical biology researchers in the Nordic countries. In the long term, it will contribute to establishing a stable Nordic research community which will also link to other existing European networks.

Posted 12/02/2015


Host institutions

Coordinated by University of Oslo in collaboration with SINTEF (Trondheim),the University of Tromsø (UiT), and the University of Bergen (UiB)


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