Biotechnology Centre Oslo win Idéprisen 2015 3rd Prize

Researchers at the Biotechnology Centre of Oslo have been awarded 3rd prize in Inven2's Idéprisen 2015. Anne Jorunn Stokka & Kjetil Taskén were awarded the prestigious prize for the project entitled "Ny medisin for å hemme skade ved hjerteinfarkt". Dr. Stokka explained that "receiving this prize has been very motivating as it shows the potential of our work and the capabilities we have on offer at the centre".

The Idépris is awarded by Inven2, the University of Oslo's technology transfer office, and is used to award research within the institute that has the most potential for commercial development into new products or services.

Pictured from left to right are Mohammed Amarzguioui, Technology Strategy Manager Anne Jorunn Stokka & Kjetil Taskén.


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