Assay Technologies

As a network of distributed infrastructure we can service most potential chemical biology projects in all areas of Life Sciences and can offer guidance, support as well as access to high tech equipment without the need for significant up-front investment.

At UiO projects using readouts such as AlphaScreen, fluorescence polarisation, FRET, absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence have been carried out routinely using our HTS microplate reader and robotic platform. Projects involving GPCRs have been carried out using our 384-well FLIPR from molecular devices, the only one of which in Norway. We have also developed unique assay technologies in relation to intracellular flow-cytometry applications, particularly in the area of phospho-flow. 

 At UiB, there is  instrumentation and expertise for virtual screening, fragment screening and HTS assay based on differential scanning fluorimetry (DSF).


Host institutions

Coordinated by University of Oslo in collaboration with SINTEF (Trondheim),the University of Tromsø (UiT), and the University of Bergen (UiB)


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NOR-Openscreen is the Norwegian node of the EU-Openscreen infrastructure project.

We support the discovery of biologically active substances in all areas of the Life Sciences.